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Kris Parker Profile — Law Office in Clearwater, FL

Legal Services in Clearwater, FL

Criminal Defense — Legal Services in Clearwater, FL

Criminal Law

When you are being accused of a crime, know that you have rights and Kris Parker will fight for them. Attorney Kris Parker is highly experienced in the area of criminal defense. He is a former prosecutor, which gives him experience on both sides of criminal law.
Criminal Defense — Legal Services in Clearwater, FL

Personal Injury

If you've been injured on the job, in a car accident, or due to the negligence of others, turn to Kris Parker. You can trust that he will carefully review your case and give you the personal attention you need. He is committed to fight for you to make sure you get awarded the compensation you deserve.
Domestic Violence — Legal Services in Clearwater, FL

Domestic Violence Injunctions

If you're suffering from domestic violence, don't be afraid to speak up and know that legal help is available. And if you have been served with a domestic injunction, know that you have the right to challenge these allegations. Kris has represented both petitioners and respondents and he understands what it takes to obtain a fair ruling.
Consulation & Management — Legal Services in Clearwater, FL

Political Consultation, Campaign Management, And Governmental Relations

Kris Parker has an extensive political resume. This includes two presidential campaigns where he worked as a director on Florida’s crucial I-4 Corridor, legislative lobbying, and managing local campaigns in the Tampa Bay area.

While in college, Kris even ran his own campaign when he was elected Student Body President at Marshall University. In 2015, Kris authored a book titled “Campus Campaigns: Winning a Student Political Office.” To purchase this work from Mascot Books, you can go to www.CampusCampaigns.com.

If you are looking for campaign consultation, campaign management, or governmental relations assistance; we can help!

Call Kris Parker today and let him handle your legal matters.