Welcome to the Law Office of Kris Parker, PLLC. It is my personal guarantee to you that your case will be handled with the delicacy and attention it deserves. Our two goals are to 1) Resolve your case in the best way possible and 2) To make sure that you are in the loop at every stage of the process.

I, Kris Parker, will personally handle every case retained by this firm. As a former prosecutor, I understand the complex litigation process and I will put it to work fighting for you.

Additionally, I will be available to you by personal phone and email. My clients and I have regular conversations about our legal strategy and the current status of each case. Most firms will not provide this kind of personal service, but here it is required. You will NEVER talk to a receptionist and you will NEVER talk to a paralegal about your case. You will talk to me directly, because that is what you pay for.

Lastly, my fees are reasonable. I realize that not everyone has thousands of dollars extra to spend on legal fees; so I will occasionally accept payment plans for those unable to pay up front. My client’s well-being is ALWAYS my number one priority.

Your lawyer,

Kris Parker Profile — Law Office in Clearwater, FL

Attorney Background

Kris Parker is an accomplished attorney who is a member of both the Florida and Virginia Bar. He has practiced in the areas of criminal law, family law, corporate law, and election law. As a former state prosecutor, Kris has conducted over 40 jury trials and has argued hundreds of motions before numerous judges. Whether it is a criminal matter, a family matter, or a political campaign; Kris will always FIGHT to ensure that his client gets the best possible results. Kris has a commitment to providing quality personal service to clients who seek his guidance and services.
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